Bolton History Centre

Myself with the lovely Bolton History Centre people David Blair and Julie Lamara.

This as a photo of myself taken with  with David Blair and Julie Lamara, just two of the fabulous staff who work at the Bolton Art Gallery and Museum.

David Blair works in the Bolton History Centre department and what he doesn’t know about history is really not worth knowing in my view.

David revealed some very interesting facts about Grandpa Norman’s army records and I have recorded these in the Grandma’s Antique Recipes book. His ability to pick up a fact from an asterisk or a number on a document is astonishing and I am very grateful for his help.

Of course, the History Centre is only one part of the amazing Bolton Art Gallery and Museum, there is the adult and children’s library, the fabulous Aquarium where generations of children and grandchildren including my own have all visited and enjoyed.

Bolton Museum

Here I am with the book and David, who helped me with the research into Grandpa’s army records.

The amazing world famous Egyptology department and of course the pottery and artifact exhibitions both ancient and modern.

Then there is the art gallery itself, it houses the famous  Thomas Moran paintings amongst many others.

The Bolton Art Gallery and Museum in my view, is an integral and essential asset to the Bolton people and long may it remain so.

Please visit the website of the Bolton Art Gallery and Museum by clicking here >>>

Patricia Matthews