Wriedt jet boats what are they worth

/21.10.2018/ 0 Comments

Jul 21, Ford and Berkley Jet pretty typical for the time. What you have there is an almost pristine example of a Wriedt Stinger from what I can see. Ok the boat is a Wriedt Maverick and it has a new transom in it. the pump I thats all apart not sure what a 1 pice bowl is worth or a nozzel ect. Aug 22, I just bought a Wriedt model 18' Maverick for a great price. There is not much talk about these jet boats out there and I want to know what the.

If your trading something something you got cheap,you could get your foot in the door in jet boat land,at $ you could roll the dice,learn the. Wriedt Jet Boat, Oldsmobile Engine, Berkeley Jet Drive andSterling trailer arebeing Berkeley Jet Drive is worth the asking price for this boat alone. $10, OR $ WITHOUT MOTOR or BEST OFFER Wriedt Jet boat force sale first takes it or make a offer boat is in Huntington beach ca.

Jul 21, So we had this boat growing up, a Wriedt Maverick, with a Olds. It or replaced a damaged/decayed hull may make it not worth the effort. Jul 13, The big question is how much are they asking for it and is it worth it to you? Wriedt built a good hull. that boat would look 10 times better sitting down on a.