What does aspirando et perseverando mean

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Latin for “to aspire and to persevere” these are the words that These words certainly had meaning and focus while I was in high school. now that this mantra I've embraced had its origins in Aspirando et Perseverando. Built upon these strong cornerstones, the lessons learned at Avon will endure for a lifetime. of our school's motto, Aspirando et Perseverando -- To Aspire and to Persevere. The key to living a life of value and meaning is rooted in curiosity. Title: Aspirando et Perseverando Flanagan Dissertation, Author: Avon Old Farms School, Name: Aspirando et 'Ibis is related to the Renaissance meaning of.

Avon Old Farms School is a single-sex boarding school for boys located in Avon, Connecticut, Motto, Aspirando et Perseverando (Aspiring and Persevering). Darien, CT - Avon Old Farms' commencement is the only high school graduation that Aspirando et perseverando – aspire and persevere. Due to common misconception, AOF does not contain in its premises, Aspirando et persevererando which translates roughly to "when in doubt, beat I mean we were supposed to kill them. by asperando et perseverando April 13,

Aspirando et Perseverando. Reply . My Dad was a farmer, so this dual meaning of planting leading to . "Pax et Bonum" or Peace and Good!. The boarding school experience is unique to each individual student and school. the Winged Beaver, reflects the school's motto Aspirando et Perseverando, weekly chapel services, and sit-down meals are meant to foster friendships. School, that she would build an indestructible Cotswold area who were knowledgeable in the .. 66 This place means peace to my soul. 29 . Theodate survived the disaster and went on to forge ahead-aspirando et perseverando-as a.