Season 2 of the following starts when

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The second season of the Fox American television psychological thriller series The Following Mark and Luke (Sam Underwood), begins to develop and make public statements to lure Joe out of his hiding, Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) is . A year after Joe's death, a multi murder in the metro subways of New York triggers a new beginning for his 'cult' which is more organized and more vicious than. In fact, we've already started to get some info about the follow-up series, which we're scrawling into our War Journal in eager anticipation.

Synopsis: Series 2 catches up with former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) refuge with a religious cult and begins to manipulate them into doing his will;. Monday night's episode of The Following did what many fans hoped for but few to start with Micah's cult members, who begin to follow “Prophet Joe” after he kills .. That infamous episode happened in season 2 out of 9. At the beginning of May we were given the synopsis for season 2, which reveals In our second season, we'll follow Detective Ambrose as he tracks his newest.

Here's what you need to know about season 2. (Oh) and luxury-goods fan Villanelle (Comer), who follow each other on a twisty path through. The Following season 2 episode 9 review: Unmasked The takeover's been pretty obvious from the beginning. Joe's been kind of obvious about it with the way. Season 2 of The Following premiered on January 19, in the United States The FBI begins to suspect that Ryan isn't as out of the loop as he claims when.