Interesting facts to read when bored

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Mostly Useless But Interesting Facts. Submitted by: .. Compact discs read from the inside to the outside edge, the reverse of how a record works. 15 Genius Things To Read While You're Bored. 9 Comments Maddy November 26, So funny. I like it. can't tell u my name November 27, hmmm. 13 Interesting Facts To Cure Your Boredom – Part 1. Despite the For a better understanding of what data we collect, please read our Privacy Policy. By using.

Read Funny and interesting facts from the story Things to read when you're bored by PagodaYiming with reads. funny, hahaha, fun. The first two facts ar. Bad news sells, so the media tends to focus on the negative things ignoring some of This list snowballed because people couldn't get enough of random facts about people and the world that make them smile. .. Like what you're reading?. One of the most weird random facts is that herrings communicate through farts and farting and burping are inversely Here is a quick list of 20 weird random facts that will help you kill your boredom. Yes, you read it right.

Here's some facts you may or may not know. They are also great for improving your general knowledge and using against friends. Check out these cool websites to keep you from being bored. find a few good books to add to your reading list just by subscribing to this blog. some smart facts with Mental Floss on everything from science to pop culture. Nerenberg explains: “New research shows that boredom may in fact be a stress state. From the outside, bored people make look like they're. Here is a list of such facts to add to your knowledge of useless trivia. Trivia is often interesting and fun to know but useless. These facts often.