How to make century egg tofu salad

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A childhood favorite and a popular diner food, the tofu with century egg salad requires just five ingredients and takes five minutes to make. It is also flexible; tofu may be sliced in the way you like; century egg may To get immediate updates and new recipes from my blog, you may. This Thousand Year Egg Tofu Salad is very easy to make and doesn't require any cooking. The egg part of the dish is actually a preserved.

Great recipe for Tofu and century egg salad. Served chilled. A nicely blend of tofu and century egg in one fresh and delicious dish. Most people say century egg tofu is an acquired taste, but I've been To create the egg, duck eggs are preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt. Your goto for easy delicious local recipes. Chilled Tofu with Century Egg – 凉拌 皮蛋豆腐 Roughly chop peeled century eggs and add to tofu.

This is a dish I have struggled about whether introduce it or not because my husband hates Chinese Century Egg Salad (Pidan Salad) with green peppers and red peppers. Pour in vinegar, sesame oil and light soy sauce.