How to edit comments on new facebook

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Hover over the comment and click Edit, delete or embed this. Select Edit. Make your changes and then press Enter or Return to save, or Esc to cancel. You no longer have to wait until you're in front of a computer to edit your Facebook posts and comments. The new Facebook for Android update. Although you can delete comments (yours as well as those from others on your updates), think first about your reasons for doing so. Social media is about.

If you've ever made a horrible comment on Facebook or dropped an embarrassing typo on a friend's status update, then you'll be happy to hear. Facebook users can now edit a comment they've left on a news feed story or wall post by clicking the 'x' button within the first few seconds after. New on Thursday, June 21 – now you can edit a Facebook comment! Previously, when you made a mistake, you had to remove comments from.

Now, when users edit a post, it looks as though the post was Note that this change does not appear to affect edited comments on a post. We've all done it. Your friend uploads a picture of their new puppy to Facebook, and you somehow manage to leave a comment congratulating. If you're a Facebook user with a tendency to make typos or regrettable comments, I've got good news: The social network is now allowing us to.