How to change imei samsung galaxy s4

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The phone is perfect from every side but sadly some users have reported that they are facing invalid IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S4. Solutions are. I have my new rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I and I need to change my IMEI number please help me to find any way Thanks so much. Try this website: imei-null-null

The IMEI is, for our intents, a serial number. It is programmed into the device's firmware. Usually, it is recorded on the casing. Sometimes on the battery. This would undoubtedly be a violation of T-Mobile's terms of service. To do so, though, you would need to create a custom ROM and modify the. I bought a stolen Galaxy S4 and I don't want to just use it for music. do is buy a logicboard/motherboard with a clean IMEI and replace your.

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