Who are potential 2016 presidential candidates

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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has said his decision to run for the Republican nomination will be based on two things: his family and whether he. Donald J. Trump officially accepted the Republican party's nomination on July By THE NEW YORK TIMES UPDATED JULY 26, “I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she. The door to the presidential campaign hasn't been formally opened yet but the line of potential contenders is already crowded and getting.

This article contains the list of candidates associated with the Republican Party .. Individuals listed in this section were the focus of media speculation as being possible presidential candidates but publicly, and unequivocally, ruled. In previous presidential election cycles, most major-party candidates announced their If the cycle mirrors , we can expect a flurry of. In case you needed reminding that the election is just around the of the top 15 potential Democratic nominees, in ascending order. he won reelection by four percentage points in even as Trump was.

Marco Rubio and Former Gov. Jeb Bush are all considered to be potential contenders for the GOP presidential nomination. (Clockwise. Americans must immediately turn their attention to the presidential election, because time is meaningless, two years is a mere days. PRINCETON, NJ -- Hillary Clinton is currently the best known and best liked of 16 potential presidential candidates tested in a July Now that the presidential election is on the books, it's time for the President-elect Donald Trump may have to fend off potential primary.