What does rub through sieve mean

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This is a most important operation in cooking: you cannot get a puree without it, or pea-soup, or curry. It is a most economical process. A wire sieve - a small one . The aim is to produce something totally smooth in texture. Example: "Passing potato purée through a sieve" Meaning: Put the purée into a sieve, then press with. sieve 12 almonds, freshly blanched, with 3 tablespoons of thin cream, or undiluted Drain half a can of red beets, sliced or whole, and rub through a fine sieve.

To do this, add liquid and stir and scrape over high heat, thereby adding To mash foods until perfectly smooth by hand, by rubbing through a sieve or food mill. Equipment you will need for this technique 'Rubbing in' is a technique where flour is rubbed into a fat to make dishes such as Recipes using this technique. The sample is then to be transferred to the rectangular sieve and rubbed through it by hand. (e) 5 grammes of the sieved sample are to be weighed out in the.

Books include First Bite, This is Not a Diet Book and Consider the Fork. Chair of . Rubbing purée through a sieve from Mrs Marshall's cookery book pic. . Coralline just means red, so cayenne?. Sieve the given sample of quicklime through mm I.S. Sieve, after breaking cm deep, equipped with thermometer reading to 1°C and with means of heating. is washed with a moderate jet of water from a flexible tube without rubbing the . Dry sieve hash, or dry sift hash, is obtained through the use of an extraction process The plant material is then vigorously rubbed across the screen to break it.