How to make live cd ubuntu 12.04

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If you want to make custom Ubuntu-based Live CD, you should read the LiveCD Customisation HowTo. With a live Ubuntu, you can do almost anything you can from an installed Ubuntu: For instructions on how to create these, take a look at one of the following. Instructions on how to burn an Ubuntu installation DVD on Ubuntu with Brasero.

Use your Ubuntu desktop to create a bootable USB stick that can be used to run and install Ubuntu on any USB-equipped PC. It has to be a ISO file if it's not a wubi installer or something I don't know what system you are using now but if you are using Windows download. Let's see how to easily make a live USB of Ubuntu in Windows. there are two LTS version available, Ubuntu and Ubuntu

Ubuntu recommends at least 2GB of RAM for the LiveCd, so maybe your client isn't up to par? Have you tried a lighter distro like Lubuntu or. Enter UEFI setup. Disable CSM; Enable Legacy boot (or something that sounds similar); Make sure that your optical drive's boot priority is.