How much is 1 pound of lead

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Lead Ingots Bars Reloading Bullets Metal Casting Sinkers Lures: Sports & Outdoors. Soft lead ingots; Clean lead ingots; 25 lbs package; Cast into 1/2 lb or 1 lb Lee ingots . Item Weight: 25 pounds; Shipping Weight: pounds ( View shipping rates and policies); ASIN: . The lead is lead not much else to say about it. 4 days ago Current and historical Lead prices and Lead price charts on InvestmentMine. 1 Week Lead Prices - Lead Price Chart 1 Week Lead Price. Find great deals for 1 Pound Bars of Soft Lead Ingots for Weight Sinkers or Bullett Casting. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

These ingots are made of %+ new clean lead. You will receive a mix of 1/2 and 1 pound ingots to achieve the total weight of your order. The 1 pounds ingots . Shows both Lead Nugggets and Ingot side by side; 5 Pound Pure Lead Ingot; Pure Soft Lead Metal . Pure Lead Nuggets % - Approximately 1 pound. Please note that orders containing over 20 pounds of nuggets are likely to be shipped in bulk, rather than in 5 pound bags. If you need the nuggets in the five.

I wouldn't pay more than 1 dollar per pound, shipped. .. you can then determine how much pure lead you would need to soften it up to what. The obvious answer to the old “feathers or lead?” riddle is that they weigh the same, but clever research on the subject offers a more. Regardless of whether you want to heed his warning, the chart is a great way to think of any lead you have on hand in terms of how much ball. wondering how many bullets you can cast per pound grains per pound. +1 on Hensley & Gibbs molds for pistol rounds. Why use.