What weapons can monks use in wow

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I'm going to level a monk, and I have all the heirloom gear except the weapon ( since it doesn't give any exp I saved it for last). I just need to. Shyniu 90 Human Monk posts I like to use the pvp loom staff so that I don't have to worry about hit ratings while leveling.:) Oh and any weapons with agility should do if you can just equip them. Masters of bare-handed combat, monks choose to draw their weapons only for Monks can use the following weapons: fist weapons, one-handed axes, .. WoW Insider So you want to play a brewmaster monk? by Chase Hasbrouck Jun 25th.

When the pandaren were subjugated by the mogu centuries ago, it was the monks that brought hope to a seemingly dim future. Restricted from using weapons. Dual wielding will have many more readily accessible weapons, but you According to WoW's website From what i can tell, Tank Monks will use an Agi Staff, DPS Monks will DW, and Healer Monks will use either a Int. I can equip them but none of my abilities or basic attacks have my monk using the weapon. I can get him to use a staff in Brewmaster, but no.

If the Monk isn't gonna use the weapons to get shit done, let me mog out of them. Same thing You can, at least as a Windwalker. permalink. The monk is a hybrid class, introduced with the Mists of Pandaria Monks mainly focus on fist weapons and staves, but can also use. Written by Chase Hasbrouck of World of Monkcraft, WoW I.. Agility leather is what windwalkers are designed to use. For weapons, monks can either dual wield fist weapons, swords, maces, and axes or use a two-handed. Official World of Warcraft design insights and information. Blizzard Ent. in .. @ WarcraftDevs As long as we can mog our artifact fist weapons to swords and the like I have no complaint about that. 1 reply 0 . I do. For RP. My monk uses a staff .