What does yusuke spirit beast dolls

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Pu (ぷう, Pū), or Pusuke (ぷう助, Pūsuke), known as Puu in the English anime, is Yusuke's spirit beast. Puu is a small, beady-eyed, bird-like creature with an all. The Spirit Gun is the signature technique of Yusuke Urameshi. It concentrates spirit energy into the user's hand, releasing it through one's finger tips in the form . Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files Yusuke W/puu Action Figure: Toys The "Spirit Ghost" is actually Yusuke's spirit beast named "Puu" (kind of looks like .

Yu Yu Hakusho Hiei Plush Doll Mascot Figure Keychain Jump Exhibition 2 $ . Yusuke is in his yellow shirt with poo and has adjustable arms for his spirit gun stance. Yusuke (Green Outfit with Spirit beast Pu Penguin). Complet. A Kotobukiya Japanese import; Includes a mini-figure of Puu, Yusuke's spirit beast. Standing inches in 1/8 scale, Yusuke features Kotobukiya's famed. This "Puu" Plush from "Yu Yu Hakusho" is Absolutely Adorable. Cuddle up with Yusuke's spirit beast, coming to arcades in Japan.

Think Yusuke, why do you let these people's weakness drag you down? the blast of Yusuke's spirit gun, once again catching him off guard. Disclaimer: If I owned Yu Yu Hakusho then I would own Kurama, Yusuke plucked Puu off his head and held the spirit beast infront of him as a. The figure also includes a mini-figure of Puu, Yusuke's spirit beast, which can be placed next to the figure or on top of his head. Yusuke's base can also be.