What defines beauty in different countries

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The way we edit photos says a lot about how we think about beauty. Portraits Show How People Define Beauty In 19 Different Countries. But not every man has the same standard of beauty, and this is never more apparent than when taking a gander at various cultures throughout the world to see. You could be beautiful in one country and not even the slightest bit of attractive in other.

For some reasons Beauty is not one's own, but a reflection of one's culture. Not all countries feel the same about beauty as Western cultures do. You may want to . But, Western, Kim Kardashian-esque beauty is not the only kind of beauty that exists. In fact, countries all over the world have different beauty. Decades ago, the classic definition of “beautiful” was more Unfortunately, like so many other countries, the Western standards of beauty have.

How do you define natural beauty? We uncovered the natural beauty standards in seven different countries, from France to South Africa. Beauty is enigmatic. It has been a puzzle for as long as women -- and men -- have existed. It cannot be explained because it depends upon eyes, common. Photographer Sara Melotti is traveling around the world to Melotti says she approached all types of women — "daughters, mothers, sisters.