What are the electrolytes in smart water

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If you exercise at a high intensity for more than an hour, however, in addition to fluids you may also need electrolytes. Both Smartwater and. Smartwater claims to have electrolytes in it. I'm sure it has some electrolytes in it, but the question is are there enough to make a medical. why drink smartwater®? its pure, crisp taste is vapor distilled. with the addition of electrolytes, it's as if you're drinking water straight from a cloud.

In fact, the amount of electrolytes found in SmartWater is less than in other brands of “non-electrolyte-added” bottled waters. Two independent. Smartwater is not considered a sports drink, but rather water with electrolytes added to enhance the flavor. It contains a smaller amount of electrolytes than. Electrolytes are salts. It is extremely difficult and expensive to remove all salts from water. Very delicate biological manufacturing processes (for.

The purity of the water and added electrolytes, the company says, helps one stay happily hydrated throughout the day. Nonsense. Smartwater. “What they've done is they have taken spring water, which many of us like doesn't taste very good, the makers of Smartwater add electrolytes. Propel is out with a new water made with electrolytes, something of advertising — Jennifer Aniston for Coca-Cola's Glaceau Smartwater. SmartWater claims to be smart because of the electrolytes supplied by the water. Of course, these electrolytes are not naturally occurring, and.