Swift 2 1 whats new for 2016

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Check out what's new in Swift 3 – Swift's first major release as an open source project. Ben Morrow Jun 15 · Intermediate · Article · 20 mins a Migration Assistant with Xcode 8 that can brilliantly make most of these changes in one fell swoop. old way, Swift 2, followed by new way, Swift 3 NSJSONSerialization. Paul Hudson June 13th @twostraws ADVANCE WARNING #1: There are lots and lots of changes, some of which might seem petty. ADVANCE WARNING #2: If you have not already read my what's new in Swift article, you should. This is the full ebook “What's New in Swift 3” by Jonathon Manning, Paris released in September , and the first significant release from the open source Swift project. . var x = 1 x = x + 1 // x is now 2 x = x - 1 // x is now 1.

March 30, This is different from the #available syntax introduced in Swift 2 compiler will choke on #if swift(>=) — it has no idea what that means. . One warning: Swift will ignore your element names when. In this blog post we will be comparing Core Data with Xcode vs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 21 .. If you're interested to know more watch WWDC What's new in Core Data video. There are several changes to the language, some major, some minor & in this post, we're Pasan Premaratne, 2 years ago 9 min read The one thing you hope will remain constant through all this is your Unfortunately, this hasn't been entirely true if you decided to pick up Apple's new programming language – Swift.