Survivor philippines who voted for denise

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Upon winning Survivor: Philippines, Denise becomes the show's 24th winner overall She beat Malcolm by less than 1 percent of the vote. Denise Marie McCormick Stapley is the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Philippines. and Malcolm Freberg, ultimately won her the title of Sole Survivor in a vote. She attended all 15 Tribal Councils of Survivor: Philippines, including the. Votes, 5–1, 4–1, 3–1, 2–1, None, 5–1, 4–1, 4–2–0, 5–4–1, 5–4 Denise, Zane, Roxy, Angie, Russell, Dawson, Katie, Jonathan.

From the very beginning of Survivor: Philippines, Denise had a Denise and her Kalabaw tribe would be voting someone out for the first time. 'Survivor: Philippines' winner Denise Stapley reveals all game and wants to win so badly so even if you were voted out in the kindest of ways. 'Survivor: Philippines': Malcolm Freberg talks about the finale . But there was absolutely no way I was never not voting for Denise and I think.

will affect the games of Malcolm and Denise on Survivor Philippines . If he votes Malcolm off, what's to stop Malcolm from pulling an Eliza. Recap: Survivor Philippines, Season Finale . Michael brings up the vote of confidence Malcolm gave Denise on the way out, and says he'll. Survivor Philippines finale recap: Denise outwits, outplays, outlasts At the jury vote, sex therapist Denise Stapley did go on to easily win the. RELATED: Denise Stapley Wins Survivor: Philippines Personally, I suspect Denise would have voted out Malcolm anyway, the same way.