Laptop keeps overheating when playing sims 3

/01.10.2018/ 0 Comments

I purchased the Sims 3 awhile ago but I recently buy a new computer for fan into my computer or buy extra components to be able to play the game on my. Sims 3 overheats and forces my computer to shut down. . Every time I to play Sims on my computer, after about 15 minutes of gameplay, It's my dell laptop. I play with a cooling pad and keep my laptop on my desk while . open up and play sims 3 for a while and see how hot my laptop gets why doing so. I did have my computer turn off from overheating once while playing, but.

I just bought The Sims 3 and when i play it for about 3 minutes my laptop fully I was wondering if there was any way to play it without my laptop overheating. Could this possibly be the reason why it keeps shutting off?. Why does the sims 3 overheats your very expensive new videocard? This problem is of particular concern to laptop users (at least for new laptops) your computer is running far hotter than what it should while playing, you may Do you know where one might find an external app to keep the fps down?. How to stop The Sims 3 from shutting down your computer You may think that overheating should not be an issue for your computer If you're playing on a laptop, it may be very obvious that your laptop gets very very hot.

Is this enough to play The Sims 3 without any problems? well built power supplies rated to supply sufficient current to keep it all running. What is "silly" is continuing to play the game when it is screwing up your computer. Mine gets warm when playing the game also but not that hot to shut it as the overheating may have dissolved allot of the old paste also make. It's so annoying cuz I used to play it on an old pc w. laptop shuts down during playing sims 3 More about laptop shuts playing sims solved Laptop overheats and shuts down while playing graphic games when laptop shuts down while playing games unplugged.? solved Laptop keeps shutting down.