Kanye west how instagram works

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Kanye West has made his grand return to Instagram. 9). There could be something in the works between the pair of artists. Kanye West & Lil. Technically Incorrect: The first Kanye West post to Instagram is art. So, as with all the greatest works of art, the interpretation is up to you. Kanye West has made his return to Instagram after a six-month absence from the platform. It looks like the Chicago native has still got the hang.

As of Saturday, Kanye West appears to no longer be on Instagram and Twitter. West's accounts both vanished following a period of intense. Did Kanye West just tease a new song on his Instagram Stories? and the accompanying clips show him driving to a studio to work on the. Kanye West has deleted his Twitter and Instagram again, and the reasons why may have a lot to do with music, his family, his Work & Money.

Kanye West Tackles All of His Beefs, Drake Included, in Instagram Rant. West addressed Nick We'll work it out.” Get Vanity Fair's Cocktail. Lana Del Rey just slammed Kanye West on Instagram and called him a narcissist —read more here. THERE WERE PLENTY of Kanye West fans glued to his Instagram on Valentine's Day when he made a sudden return to social media to flood. Just when we were getting used to the regular stream of controversial statements spouted by Kanye West, he's disappeared from social media.