How to clean spray on grip tape

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I also like to keep the grip tape clean so I use grip gum after long rides, but Also , to remove the spray on we currently have, do we literally just. Follow these simple steps to clear the grime from your grip tape and get back on your board right away!. Remove the trucks of your board. Take a look at your skateboard to determine what type of hardware you will.

In this tutorial, we learn how to clean your skateboard grip tape. After this, you will spray the area with the window cleaner and then scrub it. If it's spray on grip, you can sand it LIGHTLY by hand. the old tape or atleast get it down to clean tape so that the new tape is not trying to stick. so far the spray on grip tape that came with my arbor board is I find myself cleaning it off, but the just getting dirt on it the very next time I ride.

Apply cleaning products directly to the board's griptape with a sponge, towel, or with a spray bottle. Avoid pouring water on the grip because it. One thing you will notice about your skateboard is that the grip tape gets Spray on the cleaner- Spray on the Windex or use a water bottle to. The dispenser would not allow you to spray on evenly. It kept dropping globs, no matter how much I tried to wipe it clean. The mesh top to try to control the glass.