How to beat kitchen sink with teslas

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Along the storage area, there are teslas. Drop the giants on either side along with some goblins. The giants should kill the teslas while the. Anyone got a guide for Kitchen Sink with TH7 troops, without healers? 4 Balloons didn't have any trouble with the Hidden Teslas at the end. 0. 5 Hidden Teslas are put on next to the storages. Other defense buildings are upgraded to high level. So, I introduce you the following strategy.

The RV with everything, including the kitchen sink Lettering on the exterior hints at the domesticated world within: “This Jucy RV comes . David worked at Tesla, and I emphasised the cool car factor in my guest request. Traps: 36 Bombs, 2 Spring Traps, 5 Hidden Teslas. Army needed: Kitchen Sink Village (Hover to Zoom) Kitchen Sink Walkthrough Video (Full HD). Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla Walkthrough. May 6th, by Big Fish Games in . The Second Part. Stage 1: Grandma's Kitchen. Find all.

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