D3 how to pvp as a warlock

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I only played "classic" wow, don't know how Warlock is on retail wow. And have zero interest on retail wow. To be honest, i barely play d3 too. There should be at least 4 maps to play on, that would be awesome because variety is key in PvP. I really want D3 pvp to be a big thing so please take my ideas. Here is a Warlock PvP Guide. Please Give REP 1. Basics Being prepared all the time I can't stress this enough! As a warlock, you ARE.

Hello, I have been playing Warlock PvP every single expansion pack that has been released since the launch of WoW. I understand that the. After our short time in prepatch are we getting a feeling of the top pvp spec for arena/competitive pvp? If so is there a cookie cutter build for. Weekly Brawl - Temple Arena: December 7th This week's brawl is Temple Arena. Harness the power of the Temples to destroy the enemy Core. The first team to.

Hey guys, I have been browsing a lot of sites and youtube videos and I see some D3 pvp builds, but no guides about them or builds written with.