Who are the les twins siblings

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Professionally known as Les Twins, identical twin brothers Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois (born December 6, ) are French dancers. Les Twins realized the fact very soon. The brothers are the first ever winner of the NBC's 'World of Dance' and has many major dance. Tonight, we have a 3 part English (kind of:P) interview with Les Twins, and a video clip from Larry: I think my brother will do it because I didn't really get it.

Larry & Laurent Bourgeois = Les Twins Vogue More Les Twins . Les Twins = Larry & Laurent Twin Photos, Twin Brothers, African Origins, Identical. Les Twins is the stage name of identical twins Larry and Laurent Bourgeois. Born to a large Guadeloupian family in a suburb of Paris the twins. Something like “A Day In The Life of Les Twins”. I'd like to see the process of Larry getting his twists done. I know that his sister is the only person that he allows.

French dancers, writers and choreographers Les Twins have forged recognition on the world stage through a highly original style born on the. Les Twins, made up of brothers, Laurent Bourgeois and Larry Bourgeois, 28, are two talented individuals, you're going to want to keep your eye.