Remember when tv stations sign offs

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Even if you are too young to remember the era of TV sign-offs, you have perhaps at least seen Poltergeist. While the national anthem and. Depending on your age, you may or may not remember that TV stations used to sign off the air overnight. The transmitter would be shut down. Do you remember back when television would go off at midnight? The is the famous RCA "Indian Head" television test pattern that many tv stations used in the As such, they would "sign-off" after the day's programming was over, and in its.

Are there any TV stations still left that sign off sometime after midnight and then sign back on at around 5 AM? These days, during the overnight. Remember Me? Here In Fargo WDAY (ABC) signs off at am and comes back on at 4 am and I believe In the 90's while all other Atlanta TV stations went 24/7, WGTV/ch 8 (PBS) would sign off early Monday at 1 AM. This site, founded in , is devoted to the memory of a bygone era in American broadcasting when all TV stations' programming ended at the conclusion of.

A sign-on is the beginning of operations for a radio or television station, generally at the start of . Viewers may be warned to remember to turn off their television sets just prior to the transmitter being switched off; these announcements were. Remember when all stations used to go off the air at 1 or 2 AM? In NY, WCBS ran about 4 movies but even they signed off at about 5 AM or so. It was even in the early 80s, if I recall. As a young, young kid I seem to still recall certain stations signing off around midnight with the anthem.