Luffy vs law who would win

/24.11.2018/ 0 Comments

I was thinking about who was the strongest supernova and i thought to myself, ' obviously Luffy!' but then I remembered Law and his abilities. I don't think Law has shown the speed to react to a Gear 2nd Luffy. Plus, Luffy is . Law wins this if Luffy can't speed blitz him. Avatar image for. D. Luffy, Captain of Strawhat pirates VS Trafalgar Law Captain of the Heart pirates a duel quite possible to happen. -My opinion: Trafalgar Law would win.

As Luffy would say, He can easily kick his ass. First we saw Trafalgar Law defeat him with ease. If you took away both of their devil fruits who would win?. Who do you think would win. Luffy or Law? Personally I think Luffy would win. Law kept up with smoker and defeated him so theres no way luffy is blitzing law. My first question is who would win goku vs shanks and luffy. In terms of strength.