How to wrap a gift outline

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SAMPLE OUTLINE Topic: How to wrap a present. INTRODUCTION: GRABBER. I. It's 7 pm the night before Ruby's birthday party. You've got the gift, but shucks. Specific Purpose: to demonstrate how to wrap an attractive package. Introduction. Attention device I. “Have you ever received a present that looked something. Use our step-by-step gift wrapping guide. on bottom of the box. Get creative! Wrap your gift in pretty fabric or layers of patterned tissue paper!.

Watch this video to learn an easy method for wrapping a present. Wrapping a Gorgeous Gift When giving a gift to someone, it is Outline I. Wrapping a Present A. Gathering the. Mark the gift wrap with your pencil so you know where to cut. Next, pull up the other edges of the paper to see if they can cover the box's height.

Demonstration Speech Outline Student's Name: Tony C. Nelson Date: 12/07/12 Topic: How to Wrap a Gift General Purpose: To demonstrate the technique of.