How to set catfish lines

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Catfish throw lines are an easy way to get some hooks in the water without excessive preparation. They can be thrown from shore, or set by boat, and are perfect. Catch Catfish Using Limb Lines: There are many different ways to catch catfish and rod and reel fishing is certainly popular but setline fishing for catfish is also a . Simple catfish rigs also are easier to construct on the water when rigs are Most of the time, you could set immediately without giving any line.

In regard to catching catfish, this means limb lines, jug lines, trotlines, At the end of the hook line, put on an egg sinker large enough to keep the bait down. However, this design is based off the old assumption that catfish are my last post about the Best Catfish Bait), but we still set our lines out in. They put up a fight, are fun to catch and taste great. people still think that the only way to catfish is to slap a big split shot on the line and let it sit on the bottom.