How to make undertale fullscreen

/22.12.2018/ 0 Comments

Mar 15, @ pm. Originally posted by Kptn Howdy: You give your firstborn to the Devil and he allows fullscreen mode to happen. I'm trying to set my game at full screen while playing Undertale, but when I click f4 , it only Do you have the same type of computer as me?. Any time I press F4, some stupid menu pops up on my computer asking if I want to "project" my screen. F4 doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

I purchased the game from Humble Bundle, which in turn prompted me to use a Steam key; not sure if that hs anything to do w/ why a full screen won't activate or . I know making the game full screen is one of the few technical bits the game tells you, but when i press my F4 button [this icon shows. I've encountered a problem where my game wont go full screen when I hit F4, instead of going fullscreen the project bar comes out from the.

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