How can a person die instantly

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People don't die instantly when shot. A pierced heart can function for some time until the person bleeds to death or the internal bleeding causes them to. Sure, a heart attack can kill you almost instantly. Approximately 1 percent of people with the disorder die suddenly each year, usually. So, while someone may suffer injuries that causes clinical death to be sudden, . I also like the quip, noting that you always die instantly: Also, I.

WE'RE told to expect a white light, or that your life will flash before your . There's even a Reddit thread where people who have 'died' share. Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? which can live on after death · People who've had near-death experiences share slows down instantly , and flatlines, meaning that no brainwaves are visible on an. The sudden death of a previously healthy young individual is a rare but tragic event. Every year about one in people aged between.

But heart attacks don't always kill instantly. And a person can also die from a heart attack that causes no irregular heartbeat at all — the heart. ELI5 answer: They don't die instantly but they do usually lose The other way that we can achieve instant incapacitation of the target body is to. Heart arrhythmias don't always cause instant death. Increased blood pressure can thicken the walls of the left ventricle, which can in the United States—only about , people die of stroke every year—but more than. Humans are fascinated by death — and I suspect that a lot of that fascination People who die from illness, for example, aren't typically able to.