Elderflower drink when pregnant

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Can you drink it when pregnant? I have been really thirsty (7 weeks preg) and love drinking elderflower cordial. But after searching on the internet. Been drinking apple and elderflower juice all through pregnancy. Some comments on the internet that elderflowers not good. Not really saying why thou. Omg I've been drinking Elderflower drinks all the way through. It doesn't say anything about avoiding or limiting if pregnant on them but it can't do much good .

Helen McGinn, author of Teetotal Tipples, explains the best drinks to have whilst pregnant including recipes for some tasty elderflower cordial! What can I drink. Want a refreshing and delicious drink for your healthy pregnancy diet? Try elderflower cordial, packed with antioxidants and so tasty!. Elderflower cordial is a sweetened extraction of elderflowers and rare, according to the “Gale Encyclopedia,” but pregnant women, nursing.

21 of the best caffeine-free and non-alcoholic drinks for pregnancy and has meant you can't stomach strong flavours, this delicate elderflower cordial is ideal . Yes googled and its mixed reviews. It does say to avoid elderflower in pregnancy and breast feeding on some website. But not sure if the fizzy. So I have been drinking elderflower water and I just read u shouldn't have elderflower in pregnancy! Oops. Learn more about Elderflower uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products that contain Elderflower.