Old Money,  Imperial Measures and school life in Yesteryear


Do the young people of today know how simple their maths lessons are compared to Grandma Sarah’s and my own?
I’m going to take you on a journey back in time when the schools of yesterday were austere, strict, and unwelcoming.  Discipline was tough and unforgiving and in some cases schools were terrifying places for some kids, especially the maths lessons.
Times tables were recited religiously every morning before the register was taken and then we all went into the school hall for assembly.
At school children were taught the imperial units of measure and money, today we use metrication were every measurement is based on ten.
With Imperial there was no common connection to the units so each had to be learned and memorised off by heart which I can tell you was no easy task.
As far as I know this system of teaching maths had been used in schools since about 1870’s onwards until decimalisation came in the 1970’s.

In Cookery, the utensils would be very different from today’s electronic equipment.  Scales with copper pans and round cast iron weight’s would have been used to measure out the ingredients; they would consist of a 2lb, 1lb, 8oz, 1oz, ½ oz and ¼ oz weight.  Jugs with indented markings on the side were used for liquids, and sometimes in the face of economy, a milk bottle was used instead of a rolling pin. Below are some pictures of the sort of equipment that would have been used in the kitchen of Grandma Sarah’s early married life. This equipment is still available to buy today from the internet, under the title of vintage and below are some examples to give you some idea.