Who bombed dresden world war 2

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The bombing of Dresden was a British/American aerial bombing attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, during World War II in. Bombing of Dresden, during World War II, Allied bombing raids on February 13– 15, , that almost completely destroyed the German city of Dresden. Dresden Germany bombing World War II Commuters board a tram in bomb- damaged Dresden, March 12, Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty.

From February 13 to February 15, , during the final months of World War II ( ), Allied forces bombed the historic city of Dresden. Alongside the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the bombing of Dresden is said to have compromised the just cause of World War II, which. The Bombing of Dresden took place Feb. , during World War II. Dresden was struck by fighter planes, which resulted in the.

The bombing of Dresden in February has remained one of the more controversial aspects of World War Two. Dresden, a city unaffected. It is oft repeated that Churchill “ordered” the firebombing of Dresden as a “vicious payback” for Churchill on the Moral Question of World War II “Area Bombing. Watch: Dresden bomber recalls event 70 years on The post-war US Bombing Survey estimated that the effect of all allied In World War Two. In the last months of World War II, Allied bombers conducted several major bombing raids on the eastern German city of Dresden. Beginning on.