Whatcha say the oc scene

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marissa ryan oc mmm whatcha say death . In the scene, the show's female lead , Marissa Cooper, played by torpid-eyed patrician waif-gazelle. Remember the iconic moment when Marissa shot Trey on The O.C. and "Mmm, whatcha say?" blared on the soundtrack? If you don't, it's OK. The original scene is from the O.C. season 2 finale. . that was featured in an SNL sketch where the cast of the o.c. kept shooting each other.

Dear Sister” Parodies, sometimes referred to as “MMM Whatcha Say,” are a to his sister (the origin of the "dear sister" reference) parodied The OC scene by. That fact was proven in The O.C's season 2 finale episode, “The Dearly Beloved,” which aired Mmm, whatcha say we relive that moment?. Mmm Whatcha say we parody this? SAMBERG: . SCHAFFER: I don't think we showed [that O.C. scene] to anybody [on the cast]. We just.

“The hamlet version of the dear sister mmm whatcha say meme is quite perfect unexpected nature of the shooting in the original O.C. episode, which many. Mmm whatcha say now that this short is a decade old? The “'O.C.' thing” was an idea they'd hatched years before, after watching a episode of the seminal Fox teen show where Marissa (Mischa Barton) shoots Trey.