What means 318 in the bible

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Numerology, meaning and symbolism of the number The reader will note that the verse 2 chapter 15 in the Bible of Jerusalem is. In Genesis chapter 14 v 14 - we are told that Abram had trained servants who were born in his house. Why not simply say "all his servants", or is there some vague reference to the profligacy of Abraham or his servants in the fact that adult men were "born in his own house. Jesus shares that the Scriptures are there to reveal who He is. See the study on the meaning of the men in Abram's private army. Home / Language Studies.

Tag Archive. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the '' tag. (El 93) , the common abbreviation of Elohim, meaning God (or gods). The second part. Genesis says that Abram mustered his trained men, “born in his house,” to rescue Lot, and gives their number as It is clear that the precise number is. the meaning of the number itself. . Hey at the beginning of a Hebrew word means “the” or “behold.” In the middle The number is found times in the Bible.

In other sources Train in Hebrew is hayil, "army," a much used word that has the meaning of a train or retinue of a monarch, as in the case of the queen of Sheba. And that due to the fact that the number is figured by the Greek letter T, Bible. The men taken by Abraham to attack those which had. Furthermore, a literal translation of the name Eliezer means “God is my help“. So a more spiritual or mystical reading of this text (and the Scriptures do contain.