What are the methods of unsafe abortion

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Methods of unsafe abortion include: This method can cause infection or injury to internal organs (for example perforating the uterus. Using quantitative and qualitative data, the authors present selected characteristics of women who reported complications of induced abortion in five. With unsafe abortion, the additional risks of maternal morbidity and mortality depend on what method of abortion is used, as well as on.

Health Care Women Int. Jan-Feb;18(1) Unsafe abortions: methods used and characteristics of patients attending hospitals in Nairobi, Lima, and. Fact sheet on preventing unsafe abortion: Scope of the problem, who WHO recommended methods appropriate for the pregnancy duration. Women and girls continue to be at risk of unsafe abortion 28 September Related links. Reviews and commentaries of clinical methods of induced abortion.

Global and regional estimates of the incidence of unsafe abortion and associated . Methods and assumptions for estimating incidence of unsafe abortion. Even people who don't like abortion need to recognize that 15 Dangerous and Deadly Methods Women Have Used When Abortion Is Illegal. Unsafe AbortionUnsafe abortion is performed by untrained people using dangerous methods, which often fail, in unsterile conditions. Methods used include. Combinations of the following keywords were used in the search process: abortion, induced abortion, unsafe abortion.