Howland reed high septon

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I just read this theory on Reddit by user rodesiderose and thought it had to be posted here. What does everyone think? This is one of my super. I think Howland Reed plans to avenge the Starks, and also get to the bottom of what is really happening at King's Landing. As High Septon. The theory posits that the High Sparrow position allows Howland Reed to strike back at the Stark's enemies. Loyal to the North, he joined the.

Theory One: Howland Reed is secretly disguised in King's Landing as the High Sparrow, and it's a theory that makes a lot of sense, and makes a lot of nonsense . Season 5 of Game of Thrones introduced us to High Sparrow, a Septon of the People who gets granted power by Queen Cersei Lannister. Jonathan Price revealed that there will be a flashback of his character. Now the point of the high sparrow was to show how a common man.

And since then, there has been a new High Septon in Kings Landing. . Howland Reed as High Septon is the most powerful man in King's Landing right now. The High Sparrow Is Howland Reed. Ranker Video. Video: YouTube. On the face it, it sounds farfetched, and Alt Shift X admits that while also laying out some.