How to spot fake cohiba cuban cigars

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Browse the largest collection of cigar ratings and reviews as well as the latest coverage on cigars, Cuba, gambling, golf, beer, spirits, and more. There are more fake Cohiba cigars out there than there are fake Louis Cuba' is printed in the yellow section directly below 'COHIBA' in a thick, bold font. Has anyone ever given you a Cohiba cigar and bragged that it was 'really, really good?' And it was wrapped in cellophane? Well, it might have.

Real Cigars will have beautiful and often intricate labels. Cohiba have even upped the detail on their labels as of late to help differentiate from. Due to the scarcity of the real thing, fake Cuban cigars are rampant. provides smokers with tips on how to spot fake Cuban Cohiba cigars. Don't miss our new Cuban Cigars Forum and our sister site covering of Cuban cigars aka Habanos Cohiba Esplendidos: one real and one fake.

Cuban cigar. How to spot a fake Cuban Cigar: Nothing says the 'fake' Cohibas won't be a decent smoke right? But they are not coming. How to spot a counterfeit or fake Cuban Cigar, Spotting Fake Cuban Cigars, such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Punch, Bolivar and more.