How to implement collision detection in unity3d

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How to detect collisions between objects in code using the OnCollisionEnter function. In 2D, you can use the Box Collider 2D and Circle Collider 2D. Any number of these can be . Collision detection occurs and messages are sent upon collision . For the purpose of this tutorial we're going to use a 3D project. I'll assume you Finally, the Capsule collider defines a Capsule volume for collision detection.

As it says in the title I'm trying to detect a collision in C#. What I'm trying to Would I use OnCollisionEnter, OnTriggerEnter, or something else?. We need a way to detect collision hits manually so that we can use it on .. I also want to look into this:!. I'm trying to figure out how to detect the collision of a rigidbody (a bullet) There's a basic example in the documentation: Basically, you implement your behavior in the OnCollisionEnter() method.

(Or use Rigidbody on all your GOs, yet tick in IsKinematic on all of them) As of your own collision detection, see @Hellium's comment. From where I can get algorithm working behind collision detection (discrete, continuous) in unity 3D? I want to use collision detection function in unity 3D for. . you can use the layer of said gameobject to layermask the collisiondetection.