How to delete sirefef.gen c virus

/13.10.2018/ 0 Comments

Infected with!C - Instructions how to remove! the user into purchasing fake antivirus software (rogueware) to remove the fake threats. Virus:Win32/!C. Severe |Detected with Windows Defender Antivirus Variants of Win32/Sirefef may be installed by other malware. C Virus? Running Vista bit. Chrome reports that I have the!C virus and that Any other ideas on best way to remove this virus? 0. Status: Solved.

Today, My google chrome started redirecting me to advert sites and flagging up a!C infection and it said “You have the!C virus. Google. B (Ikarus); Sirefef.C (McAfee); Win32/!C (Kaspersky); Troj/Sirefef-AQ ( Sophos); grandmasantiquerecipes.comf!inf2 (Symantec); Trojan:Win32/Sirefef. I got a report this morning and it told me that there was a!C Trojan in drive C. Then I followed the path and found the file and reboot.

Went to a Bible site, of all places and picked up this particularly pernicious virus, AVG nor Malwarebytes can seem to get rid of it.!c Virus is known as nasty and stubborn Trojan which is a member of Sirefef family. Once your computer is infected with!c. I got my laptop infected with!c and ran Malwarebytes, like to back up my files before I start doing any more virus removal work.