What is android black hole app

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i was checking what apps might be slowing down the speed of my android phone . i came across the app- blackhole. what is the purpose of the. I just discovered in my Android phone an factory default app named Black Hole. Should i be worried about such app? How can I examine that. Jul 11, Building a powerful fraudulent Android application that steals and been mastered by fraudsters; the notorious BlackHole exploit kit and other.

Mar 19, I have a Black Hole app (with Gallery icon) listed under Settings > Apps > All on both my TFs running ICS and was wondering what this app. Black Hole is a customizable and very functional lock screen that replaces the one build in your phone. Main features: Pin pattern: set a pin to protect your. A black hole is the most weird object in the universe. An object that passes behind it appears strongly distorted because of the black hole's influence on light .

Android Question Guest. Thread Starter. Rank: None Mr. Lucky Android Expert. Rank: None Black Hole App? (see posts 5 and 7). #2 Mr. Lucky, Dec Black Hole is a powerful application that allows you to clear sensitive or temporary information from your Mac with a single click. Black Hole automates many. Product description. Black hole big puzzle with many different levels. The game is a simulator Technical details. Size: MB. Version: Developed By: OAS Games. Application Permissions: (Help me understand what permissions mean) .