Spirit animals how to put codes

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To get a code you have to get a spirit animal book and type in the they quiz you on it like "Whats the 13th word in chapter 2" or the. Go to Spirit Animal's homepage. Make sure you are On the right side of the page is the "Add Book or Code" button. Click on it, enter the code. First Answer: No, only human beings have a spirit. The eternal spirit which liveson in Heaven or Hell, then no, animals don't have spirits, onlyhumans do.

The SA Game is an online RPG made to accompany the main Spirit Animals series. When you enter a code, it will prompt you to find specific words in the book, to avoid "fake" codes. . Apply a salve of willow extract to heal minor wounds. The operator of the Spirit Animals website is Scholastic Inc. (“Scholastic”, “us”, “ we” or or in the Spirit Animals apps, and accounts created in one place are valid in the other. Each physical and digital book has a digit code printed on it. Hey any Spirit Animal players out there? I would like to know. Plus I have free codes to give away (they are reusable as long as you haven't.