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How to view source code in mac

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To be able to view the source code of a webpage under Safari, you first need to enable the Developer menu: Click on Safari menu. In macOS and OS X Mail, you can take a look at the source code data for any email quickly. To display a message's source in macOS and Mac OS X Mail: Open an email in the Mail app on your Mac. Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced. Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar". Close Safari's preferences. Develop menu > Show Page.

The first step in checking your website's source code is to view the actual code. commands for viewing your webpage source code for both PC and Mac. PC. Whatever your reasons might be for that, there is a few simple steps that allows you to see the HTML source code of a website in Safari for Mac. All Internet browsers allow users to view the HTML source code of any of web page they visit. The following sections contain information on the.

TextEdit View HTML Source Code yourself a huge favor and download TextWrangler, it is by far the best free text editor for the Mac platform. Mac. Safari – The keyboard shortcut is Option+Command+U. You also can right click on the webpage and select "Show Page Source." Firefox. Being able to "view page source" or "inspect element" on a webpage can adjust styling in the HTML code, or even learn optimization tips from.