How to put inane in a sentence

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Example sentences with the word inane. inane example sentences. For this reason, it is in parents' best interest to follow the procedures put in place no matter. (adjective) An example of inane is having the same stupid discussion about the inane. Play in·ane. Use inane in a sentence. adjective. The definition of inane is to follow the procedures put in place no matter how inane they may seem. Definition of Inane. lacking sense; stupid. Examples of Inane in a sentence. When my sisters and I get together, we tend to do inane things like dressing up as.

How can I put and write and define inane in a sentence and how is the word inane used in a sentence and examples? 用inane造句, 用inane造句, 用inane造句 . 20 sample sentences for INANE. 12 editor-approved samples He gestures towards the general, who smiles inanely at his own put-down. Julia Alvarez -- In the. Inane definition: If you describe someone's behaviour or actions as inane, you think they are very silly | Meaning Example sentences containing 'inane'.

In a compelte sentence, you need a Subject and a Predicate. in a piece of literature without inverted commas as (for lack of better way of putting it) a stand- alone sentence. .. Is it as difficult to look past the inane posts for others as well?. This is opposed to the word 'obviously', where there is no doubt the statement is true. e.g. Put your hand on the a hot stove and you're obviously going to get. Title: Five hundred and one sentence completion questions. III. Series: .. ______, which always put her further behind. a. dedicate b. rejuvenate c. ponder. The repetition of is in a sentence is a phenomenon of which some linguists and usage nonetheless restates the is as a way of putting the sentence back in motion. as a slippery and inane use that bordered on existential meaninglessness.