How to brief your media agency

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Writing a digital agency brief for marketing is a difficult task. Formulating your thoughts and ideas is hard at the best of times, and it gets even List the marketing channels you want to focus on (social media, search engine. This involves: Defining a clear scope of work (what you need your agency to do ?); Download free checklist: how to write a perfect media brief. During 20 years of my experience I learned that a poor brief is a contractor's weapon against the client (both internal and external), while there are always plenty.

Note that promoting an organisation is slightly different from promoting a brand on social media. These help your agency to develop campaigns. We get performance to a brief of a fairly good quality, but what we are looking for is consulting “My dream as a marketer is to get my agency's creatives, media. no longer mere buying points but real media agencies: their competencies have tiser should fix in advance, in the pitch brief, his objectives in terms of target.

Are you a Marketing Agency? Impress your clients using our database of advertising, marketing, media & sponsorship solutions. Get 24 Hour Free Trial. Download the creative brief template to get started on your next project. In-housing your media buying agency is here. The question is, is it here to stay?. Media buying & planning are all impactful strategies that can help move the needle for your company. Here are a list questions to ask your next media agency.