How to age doug fir lumber

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finisher asks for help getting an aged-look stain on Douglas Fir. Specifically, old time staining of lumber (timber) used to be done by filling. Advice on how to help Douglas Fir look old fast. When it is fully dried, sand down the wood and wipe your stain and or glaze in the tone you. Here are five ways to speed up the process of aging wood (plus 1 way to cheat!) using either ordinary pine or cedar lumber.

Diaries claim that early loggers in what came to be Oregon and Washington often felled '-tall trees, each containing enough high-grade lumber to build. I was thinking of using Douglas fir for the 2×2 and 2×4. recently started a company and we make wood aging (or oxidizing) products for both. How to Age Wood. Aged wood is a beautiful way to add character to your home or garden. Don't have time for that rustic patina to develop naturally? Then try.

Steel Wool and Vinegar Wood Aging/Ebonizing/Weathering (A Controlled Experiment): I have read a lot about using Steel Wool and 2x2 DOUGLAS FIR STUD.