How to add another blog to wordpress

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Whether you're starting your first blog, or a professional site, or looking to add a new site to your existing account, registering is easy! Watch this video to find out . Learn how to add two or more blogs to a single WordPress site by using something similar to this or another unique way of creating a custom. im new to wordpress, i made an account and created a blog named vietgamer. however, i do not like the name and want to.

One of the great things you can do with WordPress is blogging. If you want a blog on your site but don't want to display the blog on the front page, you can add. How to Create Separate Blogs on a Single WordPress Install . created a second blog, I haven't been able to add anything to the side bar. But what if you want to create a custom homepage in WordPress? Where does . Next you need to create another page for your blog posts.

How to add a blog to your website with WordPress in 7 easy steps . Second, consider adding social plugins to your WordPress site. WordPress is a powerful and flexible blogging platform that allows blog owners function to query for only the posts you want to show on the second blog page. At the moment, you have the ability to choose a static page as a Front Page. Now you also have the ability to choose a Blog Page. Great!.