Grandma Sarah’s Delicious Meat Pie

Grandma Sarah’s Delicious Meat Pie

Grandma Sarah’s Delicious Meat Pie

This recipe is a very easy versatile meal to make, it is so delicious and can be eaten hot with seasonal vegetables or cold with a fresh green salad.

It can be frozen for later if need, be but the best way to eat it in my families view is fresh from the oven.

Just follow the instructions on the video link below.





Grandma Sarah’s Delicious Meat Pie

- 8 ozs Grandma Sarah’s Short crust pastry

- 400g/1lb lean minced Steak/lamb/pork.

- 1or 2 medium sized onions or a pkt of ready prepared onions

- 3 heaped tea spoonfuls of Gravy Granules or 2 stock cubes

- Salt and Pepper

- 2 teasp cornflour or flour.

- Egg wash

- Preheat oven 160⁰C/gas 6

- Grease the plates well and set aside.

- This amount will make 1 large plate pie or 4 small plate size pies.

- In a large bowl mix the meat, onions, gravy granules or stock cubes and mix well with your hands making sure that all the ingredients are well incorporated.

- Season well with salt and pepper.

- Add the cornflour or flour to the meat mixture and mix well.

- Roll out enough pastry to cover a greased plate

- Take a handful of meat ( rather like a large hamburger) and press on to the pastry on the plate.

- Brush the rim of the pastry with beaten egg

- Roll out the remaining pastry and put a lid on the pie.

- Crimp the edges with your finger and thumb and brush with beaten egg.

- Bake for 20 minutes until the meat in the pie is cooked right through.

- Serve hot with vegetables or cold with salad.