To all you cooking enthusiasts and friends of baking like me, I just thought I’d mention that in cooking, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you don’t have to buy expensive equipment especially if you’re on a budget. If you have the basic essentials then you can make any of the recipes in this book. Grandma Sarah and ladies of her era didn’t have food mixers,  blenders, bread machines and the like but they still managed to cook up some very tasty wholesome meals.

All you need is enthusiasm and practice, elbow grease, (effort) and a love of food . In my view you only need the minimum equipment to cook, of course all the recipes in the book can be made in food processors and the modern equipment we have today and that is fine.  I have noticed however, some of the cakes and puddings etc when cooked are a little different in texture, for instance the sponges are not as light as the ones we make today, but never the less are just as tasty.

As I mentioned previously, this is due to the choice of flours, ingredients and cookers that were used in the homes and kitchens of housewives and mothers of  Grandma Sarah’s time, and it was only when the first thermostatically controlled gas and electric cookers were available and affordable, I suppose  cooking for the family became  a lot easier  as they no longer had to build up the fire in the hearth to heat the cast iron ovens, to bake the bread and pies and such,  although this method of cooking by solid fuel  was used in working class family homes for a long time,  I should guess it was the 1950’s before gas and electric cookers became the norm in households around the North West of England.

So, if the recipes turn out a little different, but just as tasty, remember, when you eat them you’ll be sharing and tasting a little bit of history from bygone times from  the era of Grandma Sarah and the ladies of her time.

Essential Equipment

Large Bowl

Wooden Spoon.

Rolling Pin




Pallet knife

Good Quality Baking tray

Good quality cake tin.