Hi, I thought it might be of interest to you to browse over some comments and reports in the life of Grandmas Antique Recipes over the past few months.

Here are a few reminders of a most enjoyable time spent promoting the Grandmas Antique Recipe Book:-

Below is one of my  favourite recipes, click on the link to see how it’s made.

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake


Grandma’s Antique recipes with author Patricia Matthews at the Bolton Food and Drink festival.

Aug 21st Bolton Central Library ) A wonderful afternoon of entertainment with Patricia Matthews talking about the background to her book, Grandma’s Antique Recipes. Demonstrations were shown on screen of Pat in action, cooking recipes from the book.

The highlight of the afternoon was the food tasting.

Bolton Food and Drink Festival

Bolton Food and Drink Festival

  There were 64 people at the event; which linked to the Bolton Food & Drink Festival. From the feedback, it was considered very successfult!

This was a lovely entertaining afternoon. My mum and I really enjoyed ourselves.

It was interesting, brought my childhood back when Gran used to bake at weekends.

Very enjoyable –nice humorous touches and very down to earth. Nice and informal.

Absolutely fabuloso! Well done Pat and thanks for teaching me what mother never had the chance to –PASTRY!


THE old recipes of a Bolton woman dating back 100 years have been published in a book by her granddaughter.

Sarah Matthews was born in Salford in 1893 before moving to Thynne Street, Bolton, after her mum died suddenly when she was aged eight, meaning she had to take on the role of “mum” to her six brothers and her father.

Over the years she noted down all her recipes for cakes, cures, medicines, furniture polishes and handy hints from days gone by in elegantly written Victorian handwriting before leaving it to her granddaughter-in-law Patricia Matthews when she died in 1970. 

Mrs Matthews has since used the book to make cakes for her children and grandchildren — but in 2007 decided she wanted to share Grandma Sarah’s legacy with others and make it into a book.

In May a publisher got in touch with her and said they would take the book on.      Grandmas AntiqueRecipe Book

Mrs Matthews, of Longfield Road, Middle Hulton, said: “I’m so thrilled that my dream has been realised. It has been an absolute labour of love.

“I’m sure that Grandma Sarah would have approved. I just hope that people who buy it will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed researching and writing it — along with making and sampling all the delicious recipes, of cou

Mrs Matthews said: “She was the only girl and was born in Salford in 1893 but moved to Bolton after her mum died. Over the years, while baking and cooking for her family, she documented all her tips and tricks in her little recipe book.

“When my husband Ronnie and I started courting we would go round to her house and it would always smell of baking. She was a God-fearing, straight-laced person who wouldn’t stand for any messing — but she had a wicked sense of humour.

“We will never see the like of this kind of woman ever again. They were very resilient people in those days.”

Patricia Matthews.

Here are just a few posts for you to reflect on, hope you enjoy looking back at Grandmas Antique Recipes with me and watch this space for more memories.

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Patricia Matthews.

Patricia Matthews.